Elementary Curriculum

The Anchor Bay School District takes pride in a curriculum that not only meets the state's standards and expectations, but also encourages students to strive to reach their potential. We are continually refining our learning standards for students. National and state standards as well as local experts shape our district curriculum. Teachers are provided many professional development opportunities to research and learn the most current best practices, enabling them to have the tools needed to provide your child with the best possible education.

Mission Statement

88 trò chơi bài câu lạc bộAnchor Bay Schools in partnership with the community will produce lifelong learners, who respect diversity, adapt to change, and function as responsible students.

Elementary Web Site List

88 trò chơi bài câu lạc bộThese links will take you to selected sites on the Internet outside of Anchor Bay Schools. Before allowing your child to visit these or any other web sites, we recommend that you review them first. For more tips about Internet Safety, please check out the section below.

Note: Some textbooks are used for reference only


External Link

Social Studies

External Link
External Link
External Link - Click on TEXTBOOKS then ELEMENTARY
External Link


External Link

External Link88 trò chơi bài câu lạc bộ - Includes an online dictionary, atlas, encyclopedia, almanac and Homework Center with useful tools

External Link - Educational games and web site reviews
External Link - Students can race against other students or play arcade-style games while practicing basic math facts, fractions, ratios, and language arts skills.
External Link  
External Link - Interactive activities for Grades K-8 divided by subject
External Link - Information and games for a variety of science, math, social studies and language arts topics 
External Link - Games, coloring, pre-reading, and reading activities for preschoolers to Kindergarteners 
External Link - Practice different skills including keyboarding, problem solving, reading, math memory, etc
External Link - Explore Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Math and More. Activities are divided by grade level
External Link88 trò chơi bài câu lạc bộ - Engaging and educational content for young children.

External Link  
External Link - Activities that reinforce early reading skills 
External Link - Grades 3-5 Read·Write·Think:
External Link - Interactive tools that allow students to “use technology while developing their literacy skills”. Includes games, writing templates and organizers.
External Link - Excellent pre-reading and reading activities
External Link - Fill in the blanks to create a silly story. Grades 3-5

External Link - Flashcards, games and worksheets for basic math facts
External Link 
External Link - Review multiplication fact practice as you travel through outer space 
External Link88 trò chơi bài câu lạc bộ - Timed math fact practice

External Link - OLogy means "the study of." On this AMNH OLogy Web site, you can study and explore many cool OLogies.
External Link
External Link - Keyboarding practice 
External Link - Lots of fun science information, great pictures
External Link

External Link - Information about the United States Government presented at different reading levels
External Link 
External Link - Learn about states, capitals, regions landforms and more.
External Link - Up to date news and information from around the world. Includes games and homework helpers.
External Link - Links to student-oriented government web sites such as Live Animal Cams from the National Zoo and the White House for Kids.

External Link - Resources for teachers and students including free clipart, Brain Boosters, Puzzlemaker, and Science Fair Central.

Terry Wedge
Director of Elementary Education
Phone: 586/725-2861