School Messenger

Don't miss a school closing notification!

88 trò chơi bài câu lạc bộDuring a recent school cancellation, we found that several parents were not receiving text messages from the District notifying them of the cancellation.  We checked the reports that are issued by “School Messenger” and found that many of the text messages (SMS) were being reported as BLOCKED. This means that when you received a text message from School Messenger (number: 67587) during the initial set up, no response was sent back.   School Messenger assumes that you DO NOT want text messages if they do not receive a response.

To correct this, please do the following: If you would like to receive text messages from Anchor Bay School District, send a text message to (67587) with the words "opt in" or "subscribe" as the message.88 trò chơi bài câu lạc bộ If you are already receiving text message from Anchor Bay School District no further action is required. For more information, you can visit